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This so heartbreaking…

The Thief
This is a stand alone ficlet which I miss writing sooo much. Hope you like it.
Thank u for your support and have a good one!
xoxoxo Nuchamae
221B, Baker Street. Living Room-16.30 hrs.
Greg: Since when did a serial killer case become dull to you, Sherlock?
Sherlock: (pretended to be mute)
Greg: John, what happened to him?
John: No idea. Last night when we had dinner at Molly’s, he was fine…until,you know, she broke the news.
Greg: Oh…That she is moving to New York?
John nodded in respond.
Sherlock: Greg, don’t you have any crimes to solve. (Sneered) Ah…How could I forget, you can hardly solve one without me.
Greg: (Ignored Sherlock) Greg? (To John) He called me Greg, you heard that?
John: Yes. (To Sherlock) Are you sure that you are OK, mate? Should I run some tests on you a bit?
Sherlock: (rolled his eyes) I am perfectly fine, Jawn.
John: I’ll call Molly then.
Sherlock: (huffed) Not that she cares anyway.
John: Hmm? (Gave Greg a knowing look)
Greg: Yeah, he is right. Molly must be very busy packing up things, (Sneered) not much time to waste on any nonsenses.
Sherlock: (huffed and shifted) Don’t be absurd, Lestrade. My Molly will not be going anywhere!
John: ‘Your’ Molly? Is there anything I should know about you and Molly, mate?
Sherlock:(opened his mouth to say something but decided not to ) Em…
Greg: I knew it!! You have a thing for Molly. You always have a thing for her!!
Sherlock: Lestrade, your present really pissed me off now. Leave!!
John: So that’s why you insist on using Molly’s lab at Bart’s, and nowhere else.
Sherlock: (cleared his throat) No one else will work with me and Molly is the least annoying and the most competent.
Molly walked into the room and surprised everyone but Sherlock.
Molly: I will take that as a compliment then. (to John and Greg) Hello…
Sherlock: (smiled too brightly) Ah…Molly Molly Molly…
Molly: My passport, Sherlock. Where is it?
Sherlock: What are you talking about?
Molly: You broke into my flat this morning and stole my passport, I need it back.
Sherlock: I didn’t do such thing.
Molly: (sighed and shook her head) Of course, you did, who else would.
Molly walked across the room, lifted Billy (the skull) up from the top of the fireplace but found nothing.
Sherlock: What are you doing?
Molly: Looking for my passport.
Sherlock: I didn’t hide it there, Molly.
Molly: (frowned) Which means you hid it somewhere else but where….Ah…the fridge!
She then walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge, pushed two human feet aside. Lifted a bag of toes up. The pathologist was not even slightly moved by any of the specimen.
Molly: Not here (frowned and turned to Sherlock) Seriously, Sherlock, where is it?!
Sherlock shifted uncomfortably in his armchair. Molly walked to him, lift his legs up and took off his slippers one by one but also found nothing. She then searched his dressing gown instead.
Sherlock: Lestrade, catch her! She is harassing me here.
John and Greg observed the couple quietly and tried not to laughed.
Molly: Very funny, Sherlock, very funny. (Trapped him between her arms) Tell me where the hell is it?!!
Sherlock: (huffed) Tell me why the hell are you to move away?!
Molly: (sighed) I cannot be a lab assistant forever, can I?
Sherlock: Why not? You are the best in your field.
Molly: (shrugged) There is no point for me to stay, Sherlock. My engagement was over; meeting someone new and exploring some challenges might spice things up a bit.
Sherlock: Your engagement is not over, Molly.
Molly: What are you talking about? (Sighed) You know far too well that I broke up with Tom already.
Sherlock: I didn’t mean the engagement with your ‘ex-fiance’. I mean the engagement with me.
John&Greg: Awwww…..(in the background)
Molly: What?!
Sherlock took out an engagement ring from his shirt pocket and handed it to her.
Sherlock: It will be a long term engagement if you are to consider this as my proposal.  You know me; I am not keen on marriage and I do not quite understand any sentiment. All I know is I need you here for me and…with me.
Molly: Is this a kind of joke? It’s not funny to toy with anyone’s feeling, Sherlock.
Sherlock: I have never toyed with your feeling, Molly. If I did, you would know anyway. (Grinned warmly) All these years, you just pretended to play along with me.
Molly: So you are serious then?
Sherlock: Yes…(felt her pulse as he caressed the back of her hand) Will you consider my proposal?
Molly: Not until I have my passport back, Sherlock.
Sherlock: Molly…
Molly: (grinned) Yes, dear.
Sherlock: (huffed) Alright…alright.
Sherlock went into his bedroom and came back with the passport. Molly reached out for it but he did not give it to her.
Molly: Where did you hide it?
Sherlock (frowned): Under my pillow but that’s not the point, Molly. I need to know your answer.
Molly: Give me back my passport and I will answer you.
Sherlock sighed and gave into her side of bargain.
Sherlock: Your answer, Molly. You don’t want to see me beg, do you?
She smiled up at him lovingly and gave him a sweet peck on the cheek.
Molly: Actually it would be nice to see you down on your knees, Sherlock, but I am too in love with you to go that far.
Sherlock: (grinned ear to ear) So we are?
Molly: Engaged, yes.
Sherlock: What about New York? Are you still going?
Molly: Yes….
Sherlock: (frowned) ….?!….
Molly: But for a short vacation with my fiancé perhaps.
John: (to Greg) I need to tell Mary right away.
Greg (texted Anderson about the proposal): Sorry, what?
================ :) I miss my short ficlet…

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Christmas Molly: *smirks* Sherlock: what's in the box? Molly: why don't you look for yourself? Sherlock: *looks suspicious and opens box* Molly: *squeaks with excitement* Sherlock: *gasps* oh my god... *lifts red setter puppy out of box* hello *touches noses with puppy* hello Molly: do you like him? Sherlock: yes! Yes! Thank you so much *kisses Molly on the cheek* I love you both *grins*

Doctor, River & Timebaby!!